GoldPost can fix your broken jewelry in a snap!

Bring in your jewelry and let our experts give you certified Jewelry Appraisal. We also specialize in Jewelry Repair and Custom Jewelry Design. Only GoldPost in Cooper City gives you the best Full Jewelry Service.


GoldPost Jewelry offers high class, quality jewelry repair on site and fast. Drop off your broken necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry for a fast repair.

Please call us at (954) 769-1042 or (305) 778-0551 for directions. Bring your jewelry.

Replace or resize your rings. We can affix diamonds, pearls, or other jewels that may have fallen off.

We fix broken necklaces and chains. Gold, silver, platinum or any precious metal can be fixed here.

Do you need your bracelet fixed or resized? Bring it in and we can do it on-site.

If you have a broken or lost earring, we can fix or create a new earring to match your other one.

Lockets are sentimental and irreplaceable. Bring your broken locket in and we can fix the latch, the chain, or anything else.

Anything that doesn't fit into these categories is still fixable! Just bring it in.